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Scottish Ambulance

The Scottish ambulance service deals with more than half a million calls each year, many relating to life-threatening emergencies. Response teams need to reach patients fast and gather information as efficiently as possible to ensure the right treatment is delivered.

The department uses Getac’s T800 rugged tablet throughout its fleet of ambulances. Each vehicle is equipped with two tablets – one in the cabin for mobilisation and routing, and one in the rear for completing Electronic Patient Report Forms on-scene. The T800’s high-speed processing power and 8.1” LumiBond display means paramedics can quickly access and view critical patient information in all conditions. It also complements the Terrafix Aggregator (T.AGG), a vehicle-based communications management hub with integrated GPS that streams data directly to all T800 tablets across the fleet.

San Jose Police Department

As new policing techniques emerge, outdated technology can act as a major barrier to adoption, preventing officers from carrying out their duties effectively.

When the San Jose Police Department needed to replace its aging police platform, it chose the fully-rugged Getac B300 notebook as part of a future-proof new solution. Since implementation, equipment downtime and maintenance costs have been minimal, while officer productivity has significantly increased.


Volunteer firefighters of the Amstetten fire department regularly face extreme conditions in the line of duty and rely on real-time situational updates to ensure their safety. To achieve this, they use Rosenbauer’s EMEREC mobile operation management software, powered by the Getac F110 tablet.

The combination of software from the leading supplier of fire-fighting equipment in the world and powerful, fully-rugged hardware from Getac lets fire crews respond to any emergency quickly and confidently. Furthermore, they can perform their duties safely, knowing they’re receiving accurate information at all times from their operations centre.

Østfold Hospital

Many ambulances in Norway only have one tablet-based PC, which is installed in the driver’s cabin. In the back of the ambulance where patients are treated, records are often still managed with pen and paper, which can be time consuming and inaccurate.

Until recently, this was the system Østfold Hospital was using. However, to improve patient safety and quality of care, the hospital installed Getac’s RX10 rugged tablet into the back of all its ambulances, alongside a mini-keyboard, docking station and printer.

The Getac RX10 rugged tablet is IEC 60601-1 certified for use in healthcare. It can be wiped down and sanitised, while its rugged design means it can withstand drops, bumps and moisture. For ambulance crews, the benefits are huge. Not only does it significantly improve patient safety by providing real-time access to patient records, it also cuts admin time and allows team members to focus on saving lives instead of manually filling in forms.

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