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Getac Select® Applications

Why do transport, logistics and warehousing professionals choose Getac?

Trusted Globally

“With easy-to-use design and comprehensive connectivity, Getac S-series is definitely the solution we are looking for. Its overall quality and performance adequately meets our specific requirements. The S-series is the rugged notebook offering the best cost and performance ratio ever.”
Tanguy de Lorgeril, Department of Special Tooling, Bombardier Transportation


Bombardier Transportation offers one of the most comprehensive rail vehicle portfolios in the world. Its highly skilled technicians are responsible for the safety and reliability of the fleet, which often involves performing critical maintenance activities in challenging working environments.

Tailor-made for train diagnostic testing and maintenance in all conditions, the Getac S400 has enabled Bombardier Transportation to improve train reliability and sustainability, while generating economic benefits including reduced maintenance time, decreased costs and increased efficiency.

ICTS Europe Systems

Airport security checks have never been more important or thorough, but passengers don’t want to stand in queues for long periods of time.

The highly mobile and reliable Getac Z710 allows ICTS security staff to walk down check-in queues and complete further checks at the bag drop areas, transfer area and departure gates. Flexible mobile connectivity means the Z710 can scan passports and check details held securely on a remote server, from anywhere in the airport.

Croatia Airlines

Reliable and rugged, the Getac F110 enables efficient monitoring and rapid completion of aircraft maintenance in all weather conditions, resulting in a safe, smooth, and well-organised airport service. The device has also helped Croatia Airlines optimise its maintenance and repair services, increasing overall business productivity and efficiency.


As one of the largest European specialist distributors for POS and Auto-ID hardware, Jarltech supplies resellers in more than 26 countries.

The Getac T800 with Windows is the perfect choice for the demanding tasks in Jarltech’s logistics centre. The rugged tablet’s powerful specs, reliable hardware and hot-swap battery allows employees to complete tasks quickly and easily, resulting in highly efficient warehouse operations.

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