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Featuring 4-level red backlighting, 88 full-size keys and an integrated touchpad, the keyboard dock allows for a user-friendly, laptop-like operation to minimize mistakes and increase the efficiency as you perform data-intensive tasks. It also carries a variety of I/O ports for connections to peripherals and other devices.Its Double-locking mechanism strengthens the tablet-keyboard connection and prevents the keyboard from accidentally falling off. It also features a retractable handle that can be pulled out to create a stable base, allowing the tablet screen to be safely tilted back for comfortable viewing.

Product Information
Dimension :
L 340.5 x W 307.5 x H 21mm
Weight :1.45Kg
Structure : IP65; membrane
Drop : 4ft
Layout : 88 keys
I/O Interfaces :
DC in Jack x 1
USB 3.0 Type-A x 3
Giga Lan (RJ-45) x 1
HDMI x 1
Serial port x 1
SDXC Slot x 1
VGA x 1
RF antenna pass-through for GPS, WLAN and WWAN
Docking Compatibility: Compatible with K120 vehicle /office docks (laptop mode).
* US=U, DE=B, UK=C, FR=D, IT=E, TC (Traditional Chinese)=G, RU=H, AR=I, KR=K, PL=L, ES (Spanish)=M,FDNS=N, TR=T, UI (International US)=W, CF (Canadian French)=F, CFG (Canadian French Government)=V - Keyboard

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