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As a leading provider of rugged computing solutions, and to ensure you get all the support you need to deliver on your budget, we offer a full range of support services.

They range from our Bumper-to-Bumper warranty, that helps minimise downtime, to an Extended Warranty option that offers comprehensive cover for as much as 7 years.

bumper to bumper

Bumper-to-Bumper Programme

With accidental damage now included in 3-year warranty packages, you can rest assured you’ll be up and running as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


If we can’t fix it, we’ll send you a replacement as quickly as possible.


No waiting for estimates or approvals. Once you’ve reported your product issue via our Service Request System, we’ll take care of the rest.


With no failure, accident or market surprises, you can fix your budget with confidence.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty Programme

Does exactly what it says. You get the same no-hassle warranty that we offer as standard for an extended period.


If we can’t fix it, we’ll send you a replacement as quickly as possible.


Instead of 12 months cover, you are now covered for the life of your battery.


Getac-compatible Havis and Gamber-Johnson vehicle docks and LIND rugged power adaptors can now be covered for up to 5 years.


Expedited Service

Minimise any downtime with fast, reliable, expert servicing of all your Getac rugged computers by our very own experts. Including additional benefits of:

  • Faster shipping
  • Front-of-queue priority
  • Getac-quality service

Self-Maintainer Programme

Should your Getac product need repairing your technicians have access to our online tutorials, allowing them to fix the problem quickly, while minimizing downtime.


In the unlikely event a repair is needed your technician diagnoses the problem, creates an RMA in Getac’s Service System and we ship the part immediately.


For maximum efficiency, we supply a kit of spare parts to your location. So, replacement parts are always to hand.

Global Warranty

Expand your warranty coverage to whatever country you’re using your Getac Products. And, in the unlikely event we don’t provide a warranty in that country, your Getac representative will notify you of the nearest country you will find Getac service support.

Keep your HDD/SSD

When you’re dealing with sensitive customer data it’s comforting to know that we can ship replacement HDD/SSD pre-imaged with your system image. Leaving you to just insert and go.

Together, we thrive

What our clients have to say

Primagaz Primagaz “Besides the extremely reliable rugged hardware, Getac’s three-year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty covering accidental damages as standard is also highly beneficial, minimising disruption from unexpected downtime and keeping our drivers on the road.

In addition, we benefit from advanced technical support that offers outstanding advantages beyond our expectation, even when not hardware related.”
In addition to improving safety throughout bulk gas distribution network in France. Primagaz has seen the annual device failure rate drop considerably. The ZX70-Ex’s advanced features let Primagaz offer new services like digital signing, further streamlining its business processes while meeting customers’ digital transformation requirements. Pierre-Antoine Barré
Project in chief AMOA Supply Chain, Primagaz
Leica Leica Geosystems “We distribute our solutions worldwide, so the tablets need to be able to cope with any kind of climate and environmental conditions. Also, they must be able to withstand rough handling, including knocks and drops.

“Getac’s industry-leading Bumper-to-Bumper warranty, which includes accidental damage, means Leica’s customers can purchase the new solution in complete confidence that their investment is fully protected.”
Leica Geosystems develops high-quality, reliable and robust solutions for detection of buried utilities. The latest DSX solution simplifies the way traditional ground-penetrating radar data is visualised, interpreted and exported with the support of Getac F110 tablet. Leica DSX and the Getac F110 rugged tablet enable quick and secure localisation, visualisation and mapping of underground utilities. Agata Fischer, Business Director Detection and Services
Leica Geosystems

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