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A few of our favourite success stories


Offshore Exploration

Halliburton was able to use their preferred specification and have much longer consistent components than their previous devices. Their unique software and hardware no longer face compatibility issues. Getac notebooks helped to avoid field damage with sealed caps and doors and protection against knocks and drops that accidentally occur.

Alabama Gas

Sales and Distribution

Alabama Gas was able to drastically improve their response time on the field. We were also able to fully integrate their workforce management software for higher operation efficiency.

CPC Corporation

Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection

CPC Corporation was looking for a solution to greatly increase productivity of workers in terms of inspection efficiency. The PS236 was able to help provide timely and efficient natural gas pipeline maintenance with its superb performance and mobility.


Oil and Gas Pipeline

Exterran needed a device to for their field service personnel for installations, inspections and repairs under extreme conditions to ensure the operation of pipelines and production facilities. With the V200, technicians were able to automate the inspection recording process, allowing them to stay on the field longer, greatly increasing the billable hours of the technicians and increasing the company’s operation efficiencies.

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