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Exploraciones Mineras Andinas SA (EMSA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chilean state-operated copper mining company Codelco, is in charge of mineral exploration and mine management throughout different regions. Getac Fully Rugged Tablet F110 featuring a wide operating temperature range between -21°C and 60°C copes with extreme conditions and provides optimal display clarity, enabling EMSA professionals to carry out challenging tasks.

Getac Fully Rugged Tablet F110 provides optimal display clarity, allowing field workers to be completed more efficiently while keeping costs at bay.


The Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia often sends field agents to conduct topographic surveying and mapping work, which is critical for the country’s development planning. Getac V110 rugged computer combines mobility, efficiency and safety. It features fast and precise GPS positioning, long-lasting battery life, display clarity under sunlight, certified dust and water resistance, wide operating temperature range and quick transformation from notebook to tablet, fully supporting surveyors working in the office or on the move.

JUPEM surveyors are able to complete their field assignments in extreme environments, delivering robust performance in a rugged package.

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